About Us

About Us

HS Piping GmBH is a leading seamless/welded pipes, flanges and fittings manufacturer with a proud history of successfully completed projects. We produce a wide range of tubular products, used by companies from different industries, first of all, by oil and gas companies. Our network of experienced partners helps us to supply superior and service-ready pipes on a global scale.

We, HS Piping GmBH is headquartered in Germany. Our world class production facility is based in Germany in Mülheim an der Ruhr. We are establishing a global presence for our customers, with manufacturing plant currently in Germany.

We have a huge range of products comprising of following dimensions:

  • Longitudinal seam-welded pipes available in outside diameters ranging from 610 to 1524 mm with thicknesses upto 45 mm.
  • Spiral seam-welded pipes offers outside diameters between 610 and 1422 mm with thicknesses upto 20 mm.
  • Flanges available in outside diameters ranging 1/2 to 84" with thickness ranging from 10 to XXS and Class from 150 to 2500
  • Fittings available in outside diameters ranging 1/2 to 56" with thickness ranging from 10 to XXS

Apart from Oil and Gas industry, our products are also used in the chemical, energy and machine industry, construction, agricultural and other industries.

Quality Management

The Company has adopted a decision to develop and maintain an effective Quality Management System (QMS) that corresponds to the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001:2008 and API Spec Q1, with the goal of continual improval, as one of the areas of strategic development.

Besides the QMS, Our plant has implemented and continue to maintain in good working Health, Safety and Environmental Management systems. Our products are certified to the international standards API, TUV, ASTM, DIN, European Directives and others, and have all the necessary permits for their use.

We believe in utilizing our integrated corporate strength to promote businesses and projects, which contribute to environmental preservation and reduction of the impact of society on the natural environment.

Manufacturing Process

Welded Pipes Manufacturing Flowchart

Heat Treatment
seamless process
Heat treatment Process
seamless process
Production Process
seamless process

Seamless Pipes Manufacturing Flowchart

seamless process

Flanges Manufacturing Flowchart

flanges process

Fittings Manufacturing Flowchart

fittings process